Did you know that renting a short term apartment in Tampa will save you money?  That's right, it can save you a lot of money if you need temporary housing in Tampa. In fact it could save you several hundred dollars per month, and if your short term apartment in Tampa is going to be rented for several months, this could really be a huge amount of money.  Imagine what you could do with all this extra money?  I know a few things that I would do...like maybe take a vacation or buy a new car!!

Just how can this be possible you might ask?  Well, it is possible because when you rent a short term apartment in Tampa from Elite Housing Solutions instead of signing a long term lease with a condo owner or apartment community, you don't have to put up deposits for the rent (usually one full month), electricity ($200 or more), and spend your valuable time organizing and signing long lease agreements with the owner and furniture rental companies. Furthermore, if you are only needing to rent your short term apartment in Tampa for a couple of months, you will need to pay lease break fees if you have signed traditional longer term leases with owners or apartments.  You might also be required o sign a minimum lease of 6 months or more for furniture, which means you could be paying double if you only needed your short term apartment in Tampa for 3 months.

You also save considerable amounts of money by choosing a short term apartment in Tampa over a hotel because you can cook full meals and don't have to eat at expensive restaurants every meal.  You also will be able to do your own laundry in our short term apartments in Tampa because they all have full size washing machines and dryers.  In a hotel, you either need to spend a whole lot of money to send your clothes out or, if you are lucky, the hotel has a coin operated laundry and you can spend hours sitting there watching your clothes wash and dry.  You surely would not want to just leave them there for someone to help themselves to would you?  And you have to pay extra for each time you use the washer and the dryer.

So you see, renting short term apartments in Tampa from Elite Housing Solutions is really a smart way to save money and live  a happier life during your temporary stay in the Tampa Bay area.  Call us for more information.

Have you heard that there is a perfect alternative to an extended stay hotel if you need temporary housing for a period of 30 days or longer? Some of you most likely have, but for those who have not, the alternative I am talking about today is Tampa corporate apartments. 

So you ask, what exactly are Tampa Corporate Apartments? Well, like I said above, it is a perfect alternative to a hotel or extended stay hotel because it provides much larger space and is usually much cheaper for longer periods of temporary living. In fact, the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) says that Tampa corporate apartments could provide a cost savings of up to 50% when you consider all of the costs associated with a temporary living situation.

Many people don't tend to consider all of the costs when looking at temporary lodging solutions such as extended stay hotels or Tampa corporate apartments. Costs such as the daily price tend to be the only thing most people pay attention to, but there is much more to consider, which makes the quoted price quite a bit deceiving.  Make sure you consider all of the costs of every option you look at.

For example, in a hotel, you most likely will not have a washing machine and a dryer in your room with you which means you either need to send all your laundry out through a service, or spend time in the basement with the laundry machines at the hotel. The first option is very expensive and the second option is very time consuming. With Tampa Corporate Apartments, you always have a washing machine and dryer, which means both cost and time savings.

Another example is food. In a hotel or extended stay hotel you either have no kitchen at all or maybe just a kitchenette with a hot plate, a few dishes and possibly a couple of pots and pans plus a small refrigerator. Whereas, in Tampa corporate apartments you always have full size and fully equipped kitchens with a stove, oven, full refrigerator, microwave, full sets of dishes pots and pans. This means that in Tampa corporate apartments you can cook full meals, bake a pizza or even a cake and save a bundle of money.  

Imagine spending $10-$15 per meal twice a day every day of the week, or over $200 per week on basic meals in a hotel.  Now imagine how much groceries that amount of money could buy. You could probably buy enough food for the whole month with 7-10 days worth of eating out.  If my math is correct, this adds up to great savings here by choosing Tampa corporate apartments over hotels.

So just in this short post with two examples, it is clear that there is certainly a much better option for a temporary or short term housing need than a hotel. The choice is clearly made..Tampa corporate apartments win hands down. If you are interested in saving money and living a much healthier life away from home, then call us so we can help place you in perfect Tampa corporate apartments today.