Have you ever heard about corporate housing?  Do you know what corporate housing in Tampa is?  Did you know that Corporate Housing in Tampa could save you a considerable amount of money when you are in need of a temporary housing solution?

If you have never heard about Corporate Housing in Tampa, then our friendly staff would be delighted to educate you on the many benefits that Elite Housing Solutions has perfected over the many years we have been in business.  This short post will focus on a couple of the major benefits of choosing Elite Housing Solutions to provide your corporate housing in Tampa.

The biggest benefit is cost savings.  When you need a place to stay that is temporary and that includes all your furniture, housewares, utilities and more in one single package, you will find that our corporate housing in Tampa options provide the ultimate in cost savings.  By eliminating the need to pay multiple deposits for the apartment, utility set-up and furniture and house ware rental, you have more cash flow to cover everyday expenses.  

With our corporate housing in Tampa, you also get a full size kitchen which means you can cook all your own meals and don't have to eat in a restaurant every day like you would if you were staying in a hotel.  When you compare all of the costs of housing, food, parking, internet and more between our Corporate Housing options and what a hotel would cost, we can save you up to 50% on your overall costs.  Who doesn't want to save that much money?

Another very big advantage to choosing Elite Housing for your corporate housing in Tampa over a hotel is the size and comfort of what you get for the money.  All of our Corporate Housing options are full size apartments, condos, and even homes.  Our smallest one bedroom corporate apartments are 3-5 times the size of a typical hotel room.  Most hotel rooms contain about 120-200 square feet.  Our smallest apartments are about 700 square feet, and our two and three bedroom corporate apartments start at 1000 square feet and go up to over 2500 square feet.  Now what hotel room, short of the presidential suite, is going to give you this much space for the price we do?  There is nothing out there that compares to the comfort, size and convenience that Corporate Housing in Tampa provided by Elite Housing Solutions affords.

These two things discussed here are the tip of the iceberg in terms of the advantages that Corporate Housing in Tampa provides over a standard hotel room.  To find out more, call us today or fill some quick information on our contact form and we will call you.